Deighton's instructions for bypassing the odd photo emails in Windows Live Mail 2011...FOUND HERE:

Method 1
Just double click on the the first photo, then you can change from photo album to attachment by clicking on the paper clip icon.

Method 2
Right-click on the selected photos as usual, select send to mail recipient and re-size as wanted Once it comes up as a photo e-mail here's the trick - hit view slideshow in the e-mail window A Photo album tools tab will now appear. Hit the format tab. Click on the paper-click (attachment) icon, and they will now be switched to attachments, at their re-sized resolutions

Method 3
Because Windows Explorer is forcing Photo mail in WLM 2011 you have to despite the program settings.
When selecting the images to send, include a non-image file. This could just be a dummy.txt file that should be in the same folder.
To create that non image file to the photo folder just Right click the window that has the photos and then New--> Text Document
Select your photos including the non-image file RIght click again pick Send to--> Mail recipient you'll still get the option to resize the images, but they'll end up attached rather than a photo mail. You can then Right click the dummy.txt file and REMOVE it
 from the message before sending.

Method 4
How I solved the Skydrive Bypass and Resizing issue
- open e-mail
- click on start
- click on pictures
- click on and open desired file group
- click on first photo to hilite it
- go to preview and click on arrow
- click on windows live photo gallery to open
- click on edit, organize and share
- click yes on popup box
- click on select all (or select pictures you want to send)
- click on photo emailer (top right side)
- click on send photos as attachments
- choose desired resizing option and click on attach
- a new send e-mail window will open with the photos inserted as attachments
- add recipients, subject, text and send.


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