Deighton's Netgear SC101 no boot & Blue Screen of death fix !

This Netgear Storage Central Manager (SCM) Utility software caused me many hours of grief, all I did was un-install the software that came with the NAS (that was years ago was shelved because it wasn't worth the grief of making it work), then re-booted with a BSOD. This was the last boot my machine did for two days and many hours... it was version 4.01.

After reading through many Netgear software issues like mine, 

and my attempts at alternative routes, like in-place re-install of XP, upgrade to Win7 via Vista Business no go because I was FAT32 AND you have to upgrade from a booting system! I dabbled with the registry restore method found in article kb307545 and discovered that I did have a registry backup from the day before BUT...
After a poor nights sleep I got up early and set out on a new plan to resurrect my broken machine

First off, when this first happened, I cloned my current no-boot drive and worked on the copy

After none of the above worked for me, I dug through my backups and found the driver files for this unit, 

ZetSFD.sys  ;  ZetMPD.sys  ;  ZetBus.sys

all that was needed was to copy the files to:  

and then boot to the last known good configuration
To load the last known good configuration in Windows 2000 or XP reboot the computer and as it's booting booting repeatedly press the F8 Key

I raised my hands looked up and thanked the Lord when this approach worked, something was shining on me that day...

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