Office 2007 documents slow on opening

When I double click a document from My Documents folder it is very slow
to open (takes a minute or two). Documents will open fine if I open them from
within Word or Excel though.


Control panel - folder options.
Click on file types tab
Scroll down list to the relevant document type that is not opening
properly(.doc, .docx, .xls etc)
Highlight it and click advanced.
Highlight Open and click on edit.
Remove tick from 'Use DDE check box'
In Application used to perform action field, right arrow to the end of the
line, remove any references to DDE from the line (if there are any) and type
"%1" at the end of the line with a space between the last thing that is
already on the line and the first quote mark.

I also repaired a customer's Excel that was brutally slow to open itself, turned out to be a bad default doc location on an old shared folder location on the network, made the default location back to the user's docs and all was well again! 


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