A simple trick for putting it in bridge mode is to hold the reset button on the side and the "flower" button (second or lower flower button) until the lights on the front start to change. If the power and the WAN lights (top two lights) are turned to purple then the DHCP, wireless and everything else for bridged mode is turned off.

You can enable it back by pressing reset + wps + password buttons at the same time for 20 seconds.


in order to bypass Bell hub 1000/2000 you need to disable it and turn it into bridge mode; by doing the following:

NOTE: I had Internet ONLY / In order to do it:

-First disable the wireless and WPS
-You will need to push the brightness and reset button for 20 seconds (3rd button and the reset button).
-The Power will turn purple and you won't be able to access the web interface anymore.

Again, this will disable everything and then you will have to setup PPOE in your own router. (YES you still need their hub for it to work)

Username is provided by bell
http://support.bell.ca/Internet/Connect ... d-password

username: b1abcd12
password: whatever you set it to at mybell.ca

In case you screw up or cable doesn't work, you can enable it back by pressing reset + wps + password buttons at the same time for 20 seconds.


Here is another way:

1.       Press and hold reset button on the back for 15 seconds.

2.      Wait till modem comes back up and go to web interface (usually

3.      Disable DHCP Server: Local or Home Network > Advanced Settings.

4.      Disable Wireless: Local or Home Network > Wireless > Disable.

5.      Disable Firewall: Application Support > Advanced Settings > uncheck Stealth Mode and Block Ping.

6.      Use INCORRECT Username and/or Password for PPPoE connection settings: Internet Connection > Advanced Settings.

Internet light should go red which means the modem is in bridge mode.


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