Even the dog smells this GOOF: cavendishcarpentry@outlook.com !

This thing called Ryan is using a local appearing email address cavendishcarpentry@outlook.com that at first glance presents as a being local worker or business in our area
The thing is very well spoken in the marketplace messaging system having no grammar or spelling issues
-plays on the timing squeeze or "WINDOW of time"  for quick deposit to hold as "Ryan" must "leave for work"as the thing phrased it

I emailed "Ryan" a $350 deposit to the cavendishcarpentry@outlook.com address on a non-existing item and my bank, nor the facilitating marketplace have taken any meaningful action as this "Ryan" thing is still functioning!
 My bank's 2nd tier support escalated bank support person called within their required 2 week time frame and described the incident 100% wrong without knowledge of the incident but they did repeat that
there's nothing that the bank can do; case in point. I also complained to Microsoft and yes this goof's email is still functioning accepting fraudulent cash at the  cavendishcarpentry@outlook.com address



Julie told us she was a Jack Russell Rotweiler mix, and that if we didn't take her, she was going to the pound!