configure second router as switch

Turn off DNS relay on 2nd router

1) Connect first routerís LAN port to second routerís LAN port. If one of the routers supports auto MDI/MDI-X feature, you can use either straight or crossover cable. Remember, donít make any connection to second routerís WAN or Internet port.

2) Ok. Now assuming your first router's LAN IP is with subnet mask, and then this will act as gateway for entire network (including the computers that connect to second router). If you would like to enable DHCP, then just enable the DHCP setting on first router and it will act as DHCP server for entire network (you don't need to enable DHCP on second router anymore). As an example, you can enable DHCP with IP range, subnet mask, gateway, DNS servers and on first router.

3) After talking about first router's configuration, proceed to log on to second routerís configuration page, then give this router an IP by configuring an IP and subnet mask under LAN setting. The IP that you configure should be located on subnet same with first router's subnet and this IP is not being used by any other device. If you have configured first routerís LAN IP and DHCP setting as shown in step 2 above, you can easily configure second router with LAN IP, or and subnet mask

4) After that, donít enable DHCP or any other settings on second router. If you have enabled DHCP or other settings, disable them. Finally SAVE all the settings. And now your have completed your mission of making second router as switch.

5) If you have computer that is configured to obtain IP automatically, connect it to other LAN port of this new "network switch", then it should be able connect to network, ping router IP and access to internet.

Note: If still not working, turn off all routers and computers, restart first and second routers, after that turn on other computers and test again.


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