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Bell Service Status
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Bell is requiring new settings in your email settings, see them here...

2-wire settings here


Incoming Mail Server:
Password: your Sympatico (.NET) password
Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP):
Outgoing mailserver : My server requires authentication is checked
(I USED SMTP1.SYMPATICO.CA recently on a stubborn system, with authentication unchecked, SSL for SMTP also unchecked!)

Click the Server Settings button and
Check Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
Leave the Server Port set to 25  (or 587 if port 25 does not work)
Authentication: Password
User Name: (same as above)
Password: your Sympatico (.NET) password (same as above)

Mail menu>>Preferences>>Accounts tab>>Advanced
Still in the accounts window, select the Advanced tab and:
Check Use SSLē
Leave the Port: set at 995


Also: port 995 could be blocked if you are accessing the net via a NAT
router. you will have to forward port 995 to your pc. read the router
documentation to find out how to do that

Not sure where to enter the settings in your e-mail software?

Select your e-mail software to find out:

For Faster Bell Sympatico Technical Support Help (from Dan Matan's pages see source below)

In order to get quicker service for Bell Sympatico DSL Internet Service (So called "High Speed") technical support, use this direct phone number: 1 917 289 2200

By calling this phone number, you can bypass the annoying "Press 1 for english" and other prompts. You won't get connected directly to an agent, but you will save time by getting to the point that otherwise takes several minutes to get to (the queue to talk to an agent). So, in other words, you'll go directly on hold :)

The annoying "on-hold" music about using their online self-care service (while your internet isn't working at all) is still there, so I'd highly recommend getting a speaker-phone if you don't already have one.
The Catch

The only problem is that you aren't dialing their toll-free number , but rather a New York area code (I'm not sure if the calls are actually answered there, or just somehow routed through there). So, you may very well incur long distance charges, which are probably pretty high if you use Bell Long Distance. But hey, if you have VOIP, a decent LD plan or you're in a rush, your time might be worth more than what it costs you.
Other Tech Support Numbers to Try

Ironically, these other Bell Tech Support numbers also work:

1 917 289 2201

1 917 289 2202

If anyone wants to avoid calling in and getting a representative that's difficult to understand (since not everyone has the ability to understand heavy accents) a dirty little trick i've used quite well.

ask for a french speaking representative. 99% of the time, they're bilingual and can switch with a simple "oh, whoops, looks like i hit the wrong option." and since they're all based in canada they will likely not have a hefty accent. the only downside is that you'll have to either have a basic grasp on french or know the menu system to get to a rep.

BO (ON) for Clients 1-800-668-6878

Bell Telephone 310-2355

BO (QC) for Clients 1-800-641-2311

Bell Sympatico 310-7873

Business Office 1-866-903-1263

Bell Express Vu 1-888-759-3474

Business Office 806-5005

Bell Mobility 1-800-667-0123

Bell Business Internet (AIBN) 1-877-877-2426

Sympatico Unplugged 1-866-875-9591

IPTV (Bell Entertainment Service) 1-866-797-8686 Passwd Reset 1-866-284-8129

Sources: umbers


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