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It all started with Steveís Really Good Chicken and a bottle of Hart's Cheap Red Wine (this spice mix gets it's own shaker on my shelf)

I use this rub on chicken, pork, beef, toss it into my burgers, fried eggs, tomato sauce etc - the neighbor says it's awesome on fresh fish too! See below for an evolved version of Steve's that works GREAT on drummies and wings - M-m-m-m-m Steve's m-m-m-m good!

Shopping list:

Mix equal portions of (I use approx flat teaspoon of each and adjust as the crowd dictates)
salt, pepper,  curry, garlic, cayenne, mustard and spread on the bottom of large flat bowl or plate,
lightly rub one side of the chicken pc and pile on a plate, use up all the rub

I can feed 6 to 10 people with this sized batch, my mother doesnít like hot stuff, but admits this is really
good chicken, Dad thought I could have warmed it up a bit more!

PS  This recipe was ripped off and modified from a Louisiana Chicken Gumbo soup recipe that stipulated the cool ones
as an important part of the process, and the Chicken Gumbo was really good too

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I've evolved Steve's into a smokey Shake'nBake style chicken coating using all these thirteen ingredients, M-m-m-m - Steve's 13
(drummies preheat at 425 and bake for 35 minutes sauce or leave'm dry and sit for 10 minutes M-m-m-m drummies)